Day 16 of my 25 Day Video Challenge Garden Tools

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    Hi Chris Renna here today is the 16th day video of my 25 day video challenge , today is may 16th 2017.

    Today's shout goes out to my husband Bob for helping me with this video.

    Today's video is whats The Best Garden Tools
    So if you're ready to start gardening Here’s a list of garden tools we think you should have
    Garden Tote – A heavy canvas tote is great for storing hand tools and ensuring you have what you need at hand when you’re out in the garden, oh and of course don't forget that flask of your favorite liquor.

    Or I guess a water bottle
    Gloves – I don't know about you but I can't stand dirt under my fingernails, protect those babies with a good pair of gloves.
    Hand Rake – Lets you easily rake around plants without damaging them
    Hand Pruner – Use for cutting branches that are less than ¾” thick
    Long handled pruner – Ideal for cutting larger branches (thicker than ¾”)
    Hand Cultivater Its long handle makes it easy to reach far into garden beds and perfect for removing weeds
    Round-Headed Shovel – For digging holes for plantings
    Spade – Allows for digging holes in tight spaces
    Pitch Fork – Lets you cultivate/turn over soil, and lifting perennials and bulbs
    Small Leaf Rake – Raking and clearing leaves and garden debris from lawns

    Or skip all of these and just call Maple Leaf Landscaping 973-209-1230 or email and we will take of everything for you!

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