CES 2017: Top 5 Smart Home Tech Innovations

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    Companies at CES 2017 showcased many new products for the smarter home, but only a handful were truly innovative and worthy of being included in our list of the top five.

    #5: ShadeCraft's Sunflower automated, robotic outdoor shade, powered by the sun with way too many features to list - shadecraft.com

    #4: Nevo Home - automatic discovery of connected AV devices and their content, a unifying remote control app (free) on your smartphone / tablet, smarter home device control coming soon.


    #3: tapdo - wearable smart button with fingerprint sensor, can recognize multiple fingers and individual sections to create shortcuts to apps and smarter home devices.


    #2: Sevenhugs Smart Remote - seen at CES 2016 but fully demoed in 2017.

    Intelligent remote works with nearly any device, just point and control (after setup, of course).

    Seeing is believing! sevenhugs.com

    #1: Aura - the first home security system to detect motion via wireless signals.

    Works though walls across your entire home, uses only a hub and a sensor.

    Privacy ensured as no cameras required.

    Really cool tech! aurahome.com


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