Cosy Chic Room Decor Ideas

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    I hope this mini room tour will fill your head with ideas, and show you how to achieve a cosy, chic and calming bedroom! My bedroom is the place I feel most at ease and peaceful, and I have my decor and scented candles to thank for that.

    Everyone has a different style but I like to combine white and wooden furniture with shabby chic mirrors and clocks, perfume bottles, photographs and sentimental pieces, elegant ornaments, and music influences.

    I like my colour scheme to remain soft and calming with lots of white, and pastels.

    All of the stores are mentioned in the video.

    I have had a few requests for a room tour, and although this isn't a full, in depth tour of my entire room, I hope you really enjoy having a closer look at my decor ideas and choices.

    I will upload a full room tour very soon, once I have my bedroom exactly how I want it to be!!

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