Korean tech-giants introduce new smart home gadgets at the CES 2017

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    2017 CES에서 스마트홈에 집중한다
    This year's Consumer Electronics Show is the craziest yet, as the falling cost of sensors and connectivity means the internet of things is finally a reality.
    It turns out that this reality is more weird than wonderful with everything from shoes to toothbrushes being turned "smart," and taking center stage with others are Korea's Samsung and LG Electronics.
    CES 2017 - Barry Welsh introduces us to the world of "wicked."

    Smart is the keyword when it comes to home appliances.

    And that has been evident in this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which kicked off on Thursday, local time.
    From automatic baby cradles to smart and self-driving cars,...

    the most relevant event in the consumer electronics industry was filled with manufactures showing off their state-of-the-art products capable of improving everyday life in ways that could only be described as futuristic.

    And Korean tech-giants didn't miss the opportunity to unveil their own technologies as well.

    Samsung Electronics unveiled it's smart fridge, the Family Hub 2-point-0, which added new features such as the internal "View Inside Cameras" that allow users to look at the content of the fridge without having to open the door.

    Moreover, the smart refrigerator is capable of recognizing voice commands, allowing users to ask and learn about the weather, time, shopping lists and even place grocery orders online.

    "The user interface, the way people interact with those products, the voice recognition now that runs across that full suite of products-- that delivers a consumer experience that is seamless and runs through our entire product portfolio."

    Another Korean company that showcased voice recognition technology in its smart home gadgets was LG Electronics.
    LG unveiled a home robot that recognizes people by their voices, switching profiles and preferences accordingly.
    And depending on the user,...

    the device can play music, read bedtime stories to children or even provide a suitable meal recipe.

    But the highlight among LG's products was the ultra thin LG Signature OLED W TV, with an impressive measure of less than 3 millimeters thick.

    Dubbed the "wallpaper TV",...

    the ultra thin TV has gained worldwide attention, but the company is yet to announce its price or release date.

    With more events lined up until Sunday, IT experts are already anticipating more exciting products to be unveiled that will set a new standard in the consumer electronics industry.

    Barry Welsh, Arirang News.

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