Five Futuristic Smart Digital Garden Tools Gardening Revolution

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    Five Futuristic Smart Digital Garden Tools Gardening Revolution

    GROBOT - A Fully Autonomous Smart Planter.

    Stronger, Healthier Plants, Faster.

    Grow plants 2-3 times faster when you pair with Growbot.

    Due to the more efficient nutrient delivery
    system, your plants get just what they need.

    The Smart Garden: Your solution for better food.This Smart Garden grows fresh food for you containing
    up to 600% more antioxidants with zero effort.

    EcoQube: a desktop ecosystem that uses basil to filter water, to showcase firsthand the practical solution
    and beauty of aquaponics.

    We want to start a movement to use the same concept of sustainable agriculture
    to feed the world! We know that we can’t solve the many problems on our planet with an aquarium, no matter
    how beautiful it is, but we hope to connect people to our environment and influence the way they perceive
    the larger issues in our world today.

    Click And Grow: A Smart Garden for a modern life
    A self-watering garden that grows plants automatically.

    Grow any plant with zero effort.

    The Lilo: Do not kill your plants anymore!

    Grow herbs and flowers all year round in your kitchen: even left hands turn green.




    The Smart Garden -


    EcoQube C -


    Click And Grow -


    The Lilo -

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